How did healing and transformation come about?

The gift mix I carry is that of healing through worship and prayer.  That makes me more than a worship leader and more than a prayer minister.  Add to the mix Art Sozo, a ministry that brings you into the heart of God, helps you to process what is going on in your heart, lets you cry and gives you hope.  Then add to that jewellery, prophetic jewellery.  Carrying the message that I have prophesied over it, love, peace, healing, value.  What do they all have in common?  God is healer and transformer, there is hope for us all.  He comes in many different ways but the outcome is the same, we meet a loving God who brings life and hope to us. Anju Christina

What is the vision

  • To lead you to the love of God and help you meet with him
  • A place for resources – if I find it helpful I will tell you about it
  • A place for songs – songs of hope, songs of joy, songs for the heart
  • A place for jewellery –  hand made and beautiful
  • A place to tell you about what events are happening so that you can come and enjoy God