Anju is mum to two wonderful sons.  She is a freedom minister from London, England who uses her gifts as a: singer, song writer, worship leader and prayer minister to release God encounters.  She believes that the heart of God is for all to encounter God’s goodness and receive restoration and breakthrough for their lives. Anju is on team at her local church, CCK London, and is leading the Bethel Sozo activity there as well as leading worship.

Anju has led worship and or served on a few well known church teams including: Catch the Fire London, HTB and Ascension Church in Balham and has enjoyed using her gifts nationally and internationally in both humble and privileged settings.

She has also served on the Christian Healing Mission’s ministry team and pioneered the evening school for the London School of Supernatural Ministry before heading off to Bethel’s ministry school in Redding California. God set her up; she graduated in 2015.

Anju has written an album ‘Wherever You Lead Me’ which is a set of songs that encourage and empower Christians to press in and overcome, it is the sound track to her life. She has also written a song on the Father’s love ‘Witness to My Heart’ addressing the orphan’s heart and a prophetic song, to call the city of London to faith ‘London Burn.’

Quick Fire Interview

Name: Anju Christina
Home: London
Favourite food: cheesecake any sort and trifle
Greatest strength: making myself laugh
Greatest weakness: making myself laugh
Favorite scripture: Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life Pr 13 v 12
Most likely to become: old
Favorite place: London
Place most want go: the Maldives
Toughest thing I’ve faced: There have been a few but we’ll go with this one for nowmy doctor said I was stuck with crippling pain there was nothing he could do to help
Best day of my life: meeting Jesus
Best decision: buying a guitar and getting singing lessons
Worst decision: not joining a band when I had the chance
Most cherished moment: becoming a mum
Childhood dream: to sing, I used to pretend that I was the radio when I was little
Favourite singer: Whitney Houston
Bands I listened to as a teenager: Duran Duran, Wham, Kool and the Gang and Whitney
Favourite film: Miss Congeniality 1 & 2. Bridget, Star Trek, Transformers
Pet hate: clutter in the hallway
Favourite tv program: White Collar, 8 simple rules and The Gilmore Girls
People I look up to the most:  anyone who does not give up even if the odds are stacked against them
I hate: reality tv shows
Life goal: to have a tidy house
Favourite author:  God
Most Read book:  AZ of London
Favourite word: goose
Favourite instrument: guitar
I love: standing close enough to a drum kit that the kick goes right through me
I love most about my life: freedom and my little family

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