Last week I led worship in a lovely church in Battersea.  The congregation were lovely and there was a real sense of community.  I was leading worship and John Ryeland was speaking so the emphasis was healing, healing and more healing. 

As I led worship, you could feel, hear and sense the power with which the Holy Spirit was ministering to members of the congregation.  It is such a privilege to be involved with worship in this way.

John spoke really well, he is very funny and has a wonderful ability to win over his listeners, in fact I think he has us all eating out of his hand very quickly.  John and I have been exploring prophetic singing, he says lets sing about this and I say ok (I really appreciate his direction).  Once John had taught us about healing he invited me to sing prophetically, the team moved around ministering to people. 

The congregation were clearly moved and many of them received healing from the Lord.  We listened to many testimonies about what the Lord had done.  One lady said that she had met so powerfully with the Lord that she knew she would never be the same again,  another lady said that she had felt full of fear but no longer felt fearful and that the Lord had calmed her fears and another lady said that she felt the Lord had healed a long term condition that she had been suffering from.

In the words of my pastors woo hoo!

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