Intimacy with God

This weekend it was mother’s day and I was really looking forward to spending some time with my kids. They had asked me what I wanted as gifts for the day and I had said that I wanted to spend time with them; I didn’t want expensive gifts I just wanted to hang out with them. That’s what we do when we love someone, we can’t wait to see them, can’t wait to talk to them and be near them.

The Holy Spirit used my desire to spend time with my kids to show me how much the Father longs to spend time with me because He loves me. I’ve never quite understood it when people have said He loves you He just wants to spend time with you. I’ve always found it a bit confusing to tell you the truth.

I could see clearly that He thinks it is great that I’ve done everything He asked me to do. I’ve lent a hand to those who needed me, served those He has put in my life to love and care for, I’ve worked diligently all day at my job, I’ve honoured Him with my words and actions, I prayed for my neighbours, I gave up my seat on the tube for someone who needed it more, I’ve prayed intercessory prayers for those He has put on my heart etc etc but I didn’t spend any time hanging out with Him spending time with Him loving Him and being loved by Him and that’s the thing that brings Him the greatest delight, wow how amazing I can delight my Father in heaven just by spending time with Him.

Here’s an mp3 recording of John Ryeland leading people into the presence of God.  Take five minutes, get comfy and enjoy.  Encounter

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