Exciting things have been happening


Worship for me is not just about singing nice songs, for me worship is a living breathing time of engaging with heaven, where heaven meets earth where lives are changed and God is glorified. I’m so excited by the way that the Lord has been moving in people’s lives through worship recently. We decided to schedule 6 soaking slots last term at The Christian Healing Mission. First John Ryeland would lead an encounter and then I would sing and play songs whilst the team of prayer minister’s would move around the chapel laying hands on those who had come for ministry. You could see that the Lord was meeting with people in a very special way and week on week the presence of God intensified during these soaking sessions. At the last session He was on the move before we even began ministry! I can’t wait to start these up again this term.

In the past few months I’ve led in various places including prison. It’s quite exciting to see the Lord meeting with people in a profound way in prison chapels, most of them have never been to church before so the prison Chapel is often their first experience of church and of being led in worship. The last time I went in I could see that the Lord had gripped them during the worship time and it was a privilege to lead them into quiet times of deep calling out to deep as God met with them.

Sunday night was awesome I lead worship at Catch the Fire London. The presence of God was thick in the place and we are hearing great things about what the Lord did through the worship, members of the church family have said that the Lord met with them in a deep way and that they continue to be impacted by what Jesus did for them on Sunday night. I then had the privilege of singing and playing on the Michael Fanstone show on Premier Christian Radio. John Ryeland prayed for healing and I sang and played in the background. swirls-2_21I was really nervous about playing live on the radio and wasn’t sure how it would go as I was so far out of my comfort zone but we’ve had great feedback about the show a number of people said they were really touched and blessed by it.

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