Prep for Album


I never realised the amount of work that goes into recording an album.   I love the creative side of writing songs, the inspiration finding hooks and getting into Gods presence and just going for it.

I’ve been writing for years now as well as raising a family and holding down a full time job.  My friend Mike Burn kindly put one of my songs on his album IPray.  I wish there were more people like Mike around, he’s so into releasing singer songwriters.  He amazing a real example to the rest of us.  Check him out at

I’ve just come back from a meeting with Mike and his lovely wife Sue.  We sat down together and listened to the tracks I want to put on the album.

Questions that I needed answered were

  • Is there enough material for an album?
  • What works?
  • What doesn’t?

Questions Mike asked were

  • Have you got any back up songs?
  • Is there an extra praise song?
  • Is there another verse?
  • Do you need the bridge?

Mike picked me up on a few things.  I can take his comments because I know he’s coming from a good place.  He’s not trying to hijack my songs or push an agenda.

One of the things he picked me up on was that there was a weak lyric in as much that he felt the integrity of said lyric was questionable.  I asked him to suggest how I could improve the lyric.  He did.  The song will be much better because of it.

We worked through the rest of the songs making notes and pointing out the  things that we weren’t happy with.

So now I’ve got a bit of work to do rewriting a couple of verses.  It’s all good.  I will not be lazy!

I’ve been busy trying to organise musicians for the album today too.  It’s not as easy as it sounds. The church background that I come from means that all the worship guys have jobs and so aren’t free to jam and record.

I might decide to put the recording back by a month to give myself a bit of time to organise people rehearsals etc.

Well I’m off to watch a bit of tv.

Speak soon


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