Feedback from the critiquing process

Sorry for taking so long to continue this series. I have had a very busy few months! So the feedback that I got for the song was that musically the song sounded good. Theologically it was sound and I had stuck to the underlying message for the song.  Through the critiquing process it was suggested that the song could do with a second verse.  I did come up with a second verse but in the end I felt that it would have taken away from the first verse and perhaps the second verse was another song in itself.

I want to get a recording of this song  as soon as possible now, I believe it is a message that needs to be heard.  The next part of the journey is to settle on a the vibe that I want the song to have,  this again forms and shapes the song further. I have now tweaked the song and sent it to my friend Matt, I’m waiting to hear what he comes up with.  I’ll let you hear it as soon as I can.

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