Critiquing the song 1

I’ve been working on the song for a while now and I feel that I have taken it as far as I can. So now I want to send it out to some trusted friends who are experts in their own fields.  I do this so that I can take the song to the next level, this exercise will improve and correct the song as well as grow the song further.  Brian Doerkson says that most song writers know what is wrong with their songs or know where more work is needed.  I find this statement to be true.  So I take the time to  identify parts that need more work.   There maybe parts of the song that I feel don’t fit or things that make me uneasy or even parts where I’m not stating things clearly.  There are also the things that I normally get picked up on by those I trust to critique my songs.  For instance is the song in the same tense all the way through? I know that I often visit at least two tenses and so now I look for that before I send the song out to be critiqued.  Another thing that I do is to see if I am consistent in who I am singing the song to.  Is it to God, the congregation or to myself?  If I jump from one to another in the song does it work or do I need to address this jump?

I’ve sent the song out for critiquing now, as soon as I did send the song out  to be critiqued a lyric in the song that doesn’t quite fit  jumped out at me.  So I have already addressed that.

Next week I’ll tell you what kind of people I ask to critique my songs and why.

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