Feeling condemned by the bible

Holy BibleI’ve spoken with a few people recently who find it really hard to read the bible either because they feel condemned by what they read or because it’s being treated as a text and not as the living breathing word of God.

My advice to these friends was simple.  I suggested that before they start to read their bibles that they should ask the Holy Spirit to read with with them and bring something alive from the scriptures to them as they read.

It’s amazing what happens when we read the word of God with the Holy Spirit.  Just recently I faced a tough situation and I sort guidance from the bible.  The situation that I faced, the reasons for caused it and the approach that I should take in dealing with the it were all outlined in the book of James. I was amazed and comforted all at the same time.

Through the bible I received God’s promise that I would not drown or be overcome although I was definitely feeling the pressure.  I went for prayer regarding the tough place I was in and the Lord had given the people who were praying for me similar scriptures regarding God’s faithfulness and His ability to rescue.  Finally as I was faced with tough days I asked the Lord for an anchoring word from the bible to keep me strong and steady.  A dear friend of mine text me the same bible reference that the Lord had given me at the beginning of this season.

The word of God is living, it brings about change, it gives hope and direction, and it separates light from dark, bone from marrow.  It is our weapon as we face trials and troubles.  It teaches us about the faithfulness, character, power and love of God.

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you read the bible to open up your understanding and give you life as you read!

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