Let Me Do the Heavy Lifting

I feel like lead today, I’m facing a big change in my life and the impact of it feels like a great big slab of concrete on my back.  On the way to the shop, the Lord reminded me that he carries all of my burdens. We had a chat as I walked along the path, at first I thought; God you are not my servant or my bag carrier how can I expect you to carry this?  God challenged my thinking,  reminding me that he tells me to cast my burdens on him because he cares for me.  Then he showed me that he likes helping me because he is my good good father and he wants me to know that he is supporting me.  So, I let him take the slab of concrete; I saw him touch it and its size went from a massive dominating thing to the size of a coin that he popped into his pocket, he smiled at me. Then I saw him giving me a piggy back which made me smile.

I thought, I can walk through this thing with God by my side, if only I will let him do the heavy lifting.  I also saw the challenge that I am facing from God’s perspective.  Like the scene from Transformers where the military have a cube called the All Spark that the meanies are looking for.  The All Spark took up a lot of space in an underground facility but when Bumble Bee, one of the Autobots,  touched it the All Spark reduced to the size of a small cube that could be carried in a boy’s hand.

God, I will let you do the heavy lifting and I will remind myself of your perspective so that I can live in the peace, joy and the lightness you promise me.