The first rehearsal went well

Hi there

I’ve had such a busy time in the past couple of weeks I haven’t had a chance to update you with everything thats been going on.

I managed to get a great team of people together to play on the album.  We had our first rehearsal on Tuesday night.  We only had three hours to rehearse so I was expecting it to be frustrating and not hugely productive.  

To  my surprise we ran every song and came up with some great sounds for each track.  Some tracks lent themselves to particular sounds so we didn’t have to spend too long on them and others need  more work.

I had researched some albums and found sounds that I wanted on the album before the meeting.  I had also decided on structures and tempos which saved a lot of time once we were  up and running.

My friends Rob and Hen are helping me to articulate the sounds I’m after which is great and the rest of the band are coming up with musical ideas for their instruments.  

I’m feeling confident about the album now.  I was worried and doubting before the rehearsal but having heard a band behind the songs I can say that I think the album will be good.  I’m so excited!

I will introduce to the band in the next few posts.

I’ve just finished preparing for a meeting with my prayer partners tomorrow.  I want us to pray over every aspect of the album.  I’ve just looked up bible scriptures that the songs support and am looking forward to praying into these tomorrow.  

Speak soon


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