Second Rehearsal

The second rehearsal was a mixed bag.  Some of us went to the pub for the first hour which was good as we got to know each other a bit more.  I thought I’d see if it would be helpful to chat over arrangements and parts but it was good just to talk and get to know each other.  By the time we got to the hall we were relaxed and laughing at each other.  

I started a song on the wrong note and sounded awful.  Steve the guitarist tried to rock up a song but had forgotten to switch the juice on.  Rach my friend the most important member of the band (she’s feeding us) tried to sing a male part for one of my songs (it wasn’t a nice sound especially when Steve joined in) and Hen tried to drown us out with his drums.

I’d spent the day working out links possible intros, outros which songs had obvious motifs and which songs I wanted Steve to come up with guitar motifs.  So we had a lot to do once we started to play.

I recorded the whole rehearsal so that I could capture anything that was worth keeping.  I’m happy with most of it.  There’s one song that I’m really not happy with I don’t like the groove we’re getting into with it so we need to push on with this one.

Our third and final rehearsal will be in the studio two days before recording which is in threeish weeks time.

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