Recording the Album 2 – research

I had lots of meetings with lots of people with different specialisms. I met up with Debbie Laycock (Ichthus) to check my theology. I played my songs to Chris and Jennie Orange (Ichthus) and Mike Burn (family worship). I took along a CD of rough tracks and printouts of the chords and words so that it wasn’t a performance.

I wanted to know from these guys if I had an album. Luckily they said yes. I also highlighted points in the songs that I wasn’t happy with. Brian Doerksen says “that a songwriter always knows what’s wrong with a song”.  Chris, Jen and Mike all made helpful suggestions for the areas in question. I also asked the guys for any tips they had for the recording process. Jen said “take lots of food”, Chris said “expect it to consume your life” and Mike said “ expect everything to go wrong. All good preparation, I have to say. 

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