Girlie Corner 2

I’ve been out shopping again.  I think I’ve found some cool kit for the Album cover I couldn’t make my mind up though so I’ve ended up with more than I need.  It’ll be fine as long as hubby doesn’t find out.  Which is unlikely since he doesn’t like using the computer!

After the serious business of buying clothes I went to have a meeting with Amy J she is a viola player and was in my team once upon a time.  She’s a very gifted young lady I’m sure she will go far. 

Amy J and I sat down and listened to a track on the album we also listened to a few pop tracks that use strings.  There is one song on the album that lends itself to stringy sounds.  

We made some suggestions for a motif and some lovely builds, we recorded the parts so that we have something to refer to as we prepare to record.  

I’d love to have an instrumental on this track I think it will be a lovely place to breathe

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