Filling you in on the goss

Ben Trigg has joined the team for the album.  Steve Evans is on tour now and on the date of the studio rehearsal so with Steve’s permission I’ve enlisted Bens help.  He’s a very talented musician having studied at York he’s now doing radnet which is Ichthus training program for christian leaders. 

We hooked up and played through some of the songs that I felt still needed work or a bit of ELECTRIC guitar work out.  I was really pleased with the out come especially with I Love You Lord which has proved to be a  bit slippery in terms of groove.  Ben nailed it so we’ll play that to Steve and see what he thinks.

I asked Tim Hughes for some advice on Sunday (He’s the lead worshipper at my church).  I was surprised in what he said HAVE FUN and be as prepared as possible which seems contrary to all the messages I’m getting from others .  He’s right we need to make sure we have some fun.

Last night I had a photo shoot with a wonderful photographer Anna Gough.  I’m pleased with the pictures.  I was dreading this day I hate having my picture taken.  I hate seeing myself on screen (which seems to be happening more and more) but I was pleasantly surprised with the pictures.  I think it helped having a female photographer I was comfortable in her company.  

I’m off on a mission tomorrow.  I ‘m really looking forward to it.  I’m going straight from the mission to the studio rehearsal on return.  It feels a bit busy but I find the Lord really moves in my life when I’m tired cos I am too tired to fight him.  So it’s all good.

Hopefully I’ll remember the camera for the rehearsal so that you can see who’s who.

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