Recording the album 4 – Studio

I thought it would be really good for us to rehearse in the space that we would be recording the album in.  It meant we were familiar with our surroundings, that all the gear was set up and that we could just get on with recording when we returned on Monday.

I’d booked the studio for and afternoon to evening slot, on the Saturday before our recording week.  We all arrived around lunch time and had lunch and a chat before setting up.  Rachel had discovered a cafe around the corner that did hot chicken, bacon and cheese sandwiches which were a hit with the band as was Rach, when she wasn’t around everyone was asking where she was!  

Once we were set up we ran the songs.  I’d made some lyrical changes to some of the songs as a result of meetings that I had had with Mike Burn (Family Worship) and Chris and Jennie Orange (ICF).  I didn’t realise how important the lyrical changes were to the the rest of the band but the changes did affect the way the band were playing, so that was a lesson learnt.

It was great to hear everyone’s musical ideas coming together.  Robs bass line for “I Will Not Fear” gave us the groove for that song.  Hen’s drumming on ‘Wait for the Lord” made it edgy, Ben came up with the rhythm guitar part for “Wait for the Lord” at the studio rehearsal, when he started to play it we all looked at him and said ‘make a note!’

I was right into muso language by this point which was kind of cool,  I felt like I’d found my sea legs.

We had a lot of fun at this rehearsal.  I could see everyone’s appreciation for eachothers ideas, creativity and skills.   We had gelled together as a team which was so important to me.

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