Recording the album – day 1

I had decided that I wanted to record drums, bass and electric guitars all at the same time, this was so that we could capture moments on the recording that were energised by the Lord.  It turned out that John our engineer and I had mis-communicated and that it wasn’t possible to record that way. I decided to compromise, so the decision was taken to record drums and bass together and record electric parts when Rob and Hen (Bass and Drums) were having a break.  Ben had agreed to come in on the Monday so that he could bring Steve up to date with all the developments.  So when Rob and Hen were recording Steve and Ben were sharing ideas and playing through parts ready to record their parts.  The transition from Steve to Ben then back to Steve was seamless.  Steve graciously suggested that Ben play a few of the electric parts on the recording, which was really cool, there were no egos involved just unity and preferring one another. 

The bass and drum tracks were laid in four hours!  Hen screamed to get himself in the zone at the beginning of each track.  Rob kept impeccable timing and everyone was impressed! 

So while Rob and Hen took a break Steve and Ben recorded.  Steve was amazing; he knew how to operate Pro tools, which meant we could carry on recording when John took a break.  Steve told me his brother had told him to be handy (to pick up as many skills as possible related to musicianship and recording so that he could earn a living) very good advice I think.  Steve was definitely handy.

So on day 1 of the actual recording we had bass and drums nailed and rhythm parts being tracked.

Rachel organised lunch, all the guys were comfortable asking her to feed them.  We didn’t all eat together as this would have cut into expensive studio time.  We did have pizza together in the evening before heading home for the day.  The whole band was tired and huddled together for warmth and the pizza was good.

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