Recording – days 3 & 4

On day three it was my turn in the live room.  We spent the morning recording the acoustic guitar parts and then it was time for the vocals.  Rob and John decided to go out for lunch, which was great for me because I had the studio to myself.  When you do vocal warms ups you can look like an idiot so it was nice to prepare in private. 

We managed to lay the vocal tracks for about four songs on day three.  I had loads of fun, I was so excited about the way the album was sounding I just got straight into worshipping like a crazy woman jumping around the live room!

My vocal coach had once told me that different singers record vocals in different ways, that are no hard and fast rules.  She had said that some singers will go into the studio and sing phrases over and over again, the best phrases were kept and pasted into the final track.  While other singers will go in and sing the song through, have a listen to the vocal track and then go back and improve it.  I liked the idea of singing the song through and then listening back to it and improving it.  So that’s the approach I took.  The guys in the control room (Rob and John) listened as I sang, so they were my ears. I also used Tim Hughes tip about how he focuses himself on a scripture or thought as he sings his vocal parts.  I found this tip very useful.

On day four we were planning to start mixing but it wasn’t going to happen.  I wanted to at least finish day four with all the vocal parts tracked.  I had asked my friend Paula Thomas to do the backing vocals, but she couldn’t do the recording dates, so I was planning on doing the backing vocals myself. 

With two hours of studio time left we asked Sarah from the coffee shop (a friend of John’s) to come and do some backing vocals.  I was pleased to let someone else do some work, after two days of intensive labour I was shattered.

So at the end of day four we had everything down except the backing vocals, which was quite an achievement. 

 It was time to pack up our things and go home. 

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