Recording the album – day 5

I listened to all the rough mixes that Pat had sent me.  It became very clear that we still had a lot of work to do.  I listened to them all several times, making notes as I listened.  There were parts that were muted but present and then there were parts that just hadn’t been recorded.  I also found that all the tracks needed more, they all felt a bit bare. 

I arranged to meet up with Paula Thomas who had now agreed to sing backing vocals on the album.  Paula and I spent an afternoon listening to the songs and working out backing vocal parts.  Paula sung backing vocals for Graham Kendrick for ages and so has a vast experience of hearing and working out harmonies.

Then I met up with Ben Trigg who by now was my ‘go to guy’.  Ben is a gifted musician, he plays the Piano, Guitar and the Drums.  He is leading worship and being trained up as a leader at New Life.  Ben and I worked out more guitar parts.  We then agreed on pads and I asked Ben to come up with a new piano part for ‘We Give You All The Glory’.  In the rehearsal we had a lovely part for this but it had some how got lost in the process. 

So after about two weeks we were back in the studio.  We started the day in the afternoon, which gave people time to arrive from their day jobs etc it also meant that we could keep going until we were finished.

Paula was on first, while Paula was recording Ben spent some time with Pat chatting over guitar parts that had already been recorded, making sure they were in the right places and weren’t muted.  Then the crowd singers and Rob arrived, we recorded the crowd singers and then everyone except me, Rob, Ben and Pat went home. 

Ben recorded all the new guitar parts and we carried on looking for guitar parts that we knew were there, we got them playing in the right places on each of the tracks.  Then Ben laid all the pads and the new piano part for ‘We Give You All the Glory’. 

We were all tired by now and when one of us lost the will to live the others would take control and encourage us onto the next task until we had completed the recording process.

Everyone invested in the project and made it better than it was.

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