Post production

Finally, Denis Blackman from Skye mastering mastered the album for me.  Denis told me how to get the songs unique identifiers which he then encoded in the master.   The process was quite simple.  I uploaded the files to a site where he picked them up.  He then worked on them and sent me something to listen to.  When I was happy he completed the mastering process and sent me the disks.

I then found a company to press the albums for me.  It was a bit daunting because I was taking on yet another financial commitment and wasn’t sure what kind of service I was going to get.  

I found a useful little site that told me the difference between duplication and replication.

CD replication is a professional process where a glass master is made of the master copy and then replicated to the number of copies that you have ordered.  CD duplication is burning the disk to disk.  Like you would at home.  

Another thing that I needed help with was to get a barcode for the album.  This seemed pretty complicated but the company that I used organised this for me, which was great! 

I used a company called Lemon Media for the replication of the album and have since ordered posters from them too.  They gave me a competetive price and a great service.

Well that’s all there is to the project managing your recording project.  Now I’ll have to find something else to blog about.

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