Witness To My Heart

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Do you have trouble believing that Father God loves you?

Do you know how much He loves you?

Do you know He leaps for joy whenever you bound into His presence?

This song might change your life if you let it!

John Ryeland Director of The Christian Healing Mission suggested that I write about the Father. He gave me a couple of books to read one was ‘From Oprhans to Heirs’ by Mark Stibbe and the other was ‘The Father’s Blessing’ by John Arnott. Here is the song that came out of my studies on the Father’s love.

This song changed my life. I’ve always known in my head that the Father of heaven loves me. The head knowledge needed to get into my heart and stay there, which is the work of the Holy Spirit and not something that I could do for myself.

The song asks the Holy Spirit to ‘get this truth into my heart’ and to ‘witness to my heart until I really believe’. As I sang the song and it became a part of me God convinced of His unconditional love, His approval of me.

You can listen to the song via the player on the right and you can download the song from iTunes. I’ll post a chart for the song soon but in the mean time here are the words.  The main thing that will stop you from receiving the message of this song into your heart is disagreement.  John Ryeland always says as much as you can let you inner voice say yes to the truth that you hear.

Witness To My Heart

I know you have adopted me

You’ve given me a family

I know that I am your child

And you are my Father


Well I know this truth in my head

But I need to know it in my heart


Spirit of God

Fall a fresh on me today,  today

Spirit of God

Reveal the Father’s love for me again, again

Witness to my heart

That I really do belong

That I have a place in His heart

Get it into my heart

Get it into my heart


Witness to my heart till I believe

©anjuebanks.com 2011