Ministry Trip to Denver

I had the privilege of ministering at The Rock Church, Grow Women’s Conference in Castle Rock, Colorado a few weeks ago alongside Bernie Ooley who is my hero!  It was awesome to see God rock the women’s lives as they encountered his heart of love, value and honour during worship. I released a word about back pain and destinies and God healed backs and released destinies.  One woman who had experienced pain all over her body for over 20 was healed.  It was such a blessing and honour to serve them.  We stirred up their beautiful hearts and I can’t wait to see how they turn the world upside down for Jesus!

London Burn available from iTunes on 16th September

Here’s the single cover for my new song “London Burn.”  I have had a lot of fun recording this song for London.  I was blessed to be supported by some amazing  friends.  I can’t believe the calibre of musicians I got to work with and can’t wait to share the track with you.  Not long now…

London Burn


Fire Camp India

I’m so pleased to be launching a fundraising drive today!

I’m going to Hyderabad in India to do some Christian Charity work in September 2013.  I’ll be the only Brit amongst 35 Americans! I’ve put together a video so you can see some of the things I’ll be doing while I’m there.  For more information on some of the charities I’ll be working with follow these links ACET India, The Joy House.

You can make donations using the PayPal button below every donation will make a difference in the lives of those we meet and love on when we are there.

Thanks so much for your support.

PayPal Donate Button

Shifting Atmosphere’s


Last week during worship we let Jesus move in with us and gave him a key.  We got a freedom upgrade!  We sang into the atmosphere and declared the winter over, the rains be done, the sun shine on us. We pulled down blessing from heaven to our land.  Then we ministered to the soul of London, prayer laughed with the tigger anointing for Revival in our nation and then went to the throne room and released the things God gave us. Including purifying the River Thames and agreeing with heaven that many will be baptised in it.


God Is So Exciting

Wow, I can’t believe another week has gone by.  I’m still taking in last week and we are in the middle of this week!  I seem to be riding a wave in the Spirit which is carrying me and the rest of ILSSM into new levels of faith and heavenly activity. I met some new friends who have taught me so much this week.  I think I got a years teaching in a week! I learned how to shift atmosphere’s and have been practising ever since. The worship temperature has been raised too as we shift things as a team in the worship times and release the presence of God with new understanding and authority, wooooooo. We went for breakthrough with addictions, love encounters with Papa God and new vision with the Prophetic School on Wednesday evening. On Saturday we had love and fire encounters with the Lord as he drew the Evening School students into his heart and justified them. The atmosphere was different as we went out on the streets of Westminster too and some of the people we approached received prophetic words, prayer and love. God is so good. I wonder what he will do this week? I can’t wait.

Love My Life

Wow what a week it has been.  I had the privilege of leading worship for The National Christian Healing Fellowship’s annual conference up in Derbyshire.  I have never been to a conference like this one.  All the ministries that were present got to share what they do, what their needs were as a centre and personally and then everyone else prayed and prophesied  over them.  The worship times were very special you could feel the presence of God in the meetings and there were times of healing, renewal and prophecy as we encountered the Holy Spirit.  I was blown away by the love and kindness of the delegates.  They prayed and imparted to the whole team at ILSSM. Then on Thursday at ILSSM as we gathered to worship  we encountered open heavens and we believe that we saw a shift in ours, the schools and London’s atmospheres amongst other things!  I was so blown away I’m not really sure how I managed to articulate anything else that  day (some might say I didn’t) ha ha.  Love my life.

How God Works 1

This year was the first year I tried to grow some veg. Gardening has never appealed to me. Both of my parents came from farming stock and had green fingers. When I was a child they used to ask my sisters and me to help them with the gardening. I could never understand why they enjoyed gardening and used to run a mile at the very mention of the word.

I definitely do not have green fingers, I generally forget to feed and water plants and so eventually my neglect kills them. This year I felt a new ability to commit to grow something from seed.  I am surprised by what I have learnt through this process. My spiritual mum Ve always says ‘if you want to know how God works look at nature.’  I have to agree with her as I have discovered growing plants really does give you a window into the way God the creator works.

Writing a Song 4 – Purpose

anju-ebanks-june-2010Here’s what I wrote on the scrap of paper I started this song on.

Song vision – reveal adoptedness, ask for God to make it real

Is it true that you came to save me?

Is it true that you came to take me home?

To give me your name a new identity

a place in your home and in your heart?

What I was trying to do in these initial thoughts was to capture the heart of an orphan.  I think orphans lack a sense of self, a sense of identity and are desperate to belong but even if they are adopted they still carry a deep sense of abandonment.swirls-2_21 I want to recognise this deep need and ask God to meet it in this song.

Evaluating Our Effectiveness In Ministry

img_5946-31Knowing that we are effective in ministry can be a real confidence booster.  I spent many years leading worship and not wanting to know what the Lord was up to because I felt that it was none of my business to know what God was doing in people’s lives.    Having said that I was lacking confidence because I really didn’t have a clue if what I was doing was of any use to the Lord or the people that I was leading in worship.

We don’t need to know the details of what is going on in people’s lives but to know that what we are doing is effective is encouraging.

Have you heard people say  ‘you can’t see the wind but you know it’s there because you can see the wind moving the trees’ I’ve found this so useful. When you are leading worship look for the wind in the trees.  Are people engaged and worshipping? Can you visibly see people being ministered to by the Holy Spirit, have their expressions changed?  Do they look more peaceful? Are they deep in worship with their arms out to God and clearly connecting?

Another way to know that God is moving is to ask people you trust for feedback and yet another way is to encourage testomonies so that we are all encouraged.

I’m finding it difficult to gauge how things are going in one setting that I’m leading worship in at the minute so I have started to ask the team that I’m working with what they feel is happening.  Now I’ve realised that at the end of the session they are encouraged to write down what the Lord did for them and said to them, so they don’t forget.  I’ve seen everyone that can write, write something down.  This is my wind in the trees for that situation.swirls-2_21

Always check your motives when asking for feedback and receiving encouragement.