Recording the album – Mix days

Pat had given me more rough mixes of the songs.  He wanted me to listen to the recordings at home and then feedback to him.  The family and me listened to the songs, I made notes of their comments and suggestions.  I had extensive notes on all the songs.  

Finally the recording process was finished and mixing could begin.  Pat and I first went through each track listening carefully to everything.  We adjusted sound levels, picked the best vocal parts, discussed which instruments would play and where.  

Pat mixed and tweaked and mixed and tweaked.  We agreed that the lead vocals for ‘At The Foot Of The Cross’ needed to be re-recorded so we did that.  We worked through all my notes until we had final mixes.  Again Pat sent me home with the mixes so that I could listen to them outside of the studio environment.  

I listened to the tracks over and over just to be sure that everything was good.  I made more notes and then we worked on them.  Once we had got all the songs sounding the way that we wanted we sat down and listened to the tracks again, we made more notes, then we tweaked.  We continued this process for two days.  My ears were like sonar by this point I could hear a pin drop!  Pat was amazing.

At the end of the three mix days I left the studio with the final mixes.  I felt that I needed fresh ears on the project so I asked a couple of people if they would feedback to me.  

I listened to the tracks on headphones, on surround sound and in the car.  I knew what needed to happen in order to improve the project.  So I made more notes, I re-wrote the tag line for ‘I Love You Lord’, worked out the backing vocal parts and went back into the studio.  I spent another day in the studio with Pat re-recording, tweaking and working on the songs.  

I was really happy with how the album was sounding.   I think up to this point my inner compass was telling me to keep on working at it.   Again I listened and listened and listened to the recording.  I did go back to the studio for another hour or so and then was happy for the project to go to the next stage.  Mastering!