God Speaks Through Dreams

During one of our dream interpretation sessions Diana told us of a dream that she had had.  There was a big spider and a barrier but she was concerned that she wasn’t safe.  As we asked her questions and prayed it transpired that she was in need of a decent job with better pay and conditions than the uncertain and not great job that she was doing at the time.

We prayed for jobs and better jobs amongst other things.  I think that another group of friends had also prayed for a job for her.

One night she had a dream that she had got a job that she wanted.  The next day she saw a job and applied.  They interviewed her on the same day and offered her the job asking what salary she wanted.  They said the salary was too high and asked if she would come down a bit.  She came down by a £1.  Within the last 10 days this sweet lady has started her job.