Writing a Song 4 – Purpose

anju-ebanks-june-2010Here’s what I wrote on the scrap of paper I started this song on.

Song vision – reveal adoptedness, ask for God to make it real

Is it true that you came to save me?

Is it true that you came to take me home?

To give me your name a new identity

a place in your home and in your heart?

What I was trying to do in these initial thoughts was to capture the heart of an orphan.  I think orphans lack a sense of self, a sense of identity and are desperate to belong but even if they are adopted they still carry a deep sense of abandonment.swirls-2_21 I want to recognise this deep need and ask God to meet it in this song.

Writing A Song 3 – Vision

anju-ebanks-june-2010Next I find it useful to ask myself what is the vision for this song? The answer to this question helps me to gather my thoughts and to clarify the song writing process.  The theme for the new song  I’m writing is ‘Ask God to reveal my adoptedness and make it real.’  I recently found the piece of paper that I had originally written the vision for this song on.  The firstswirls-2_21 thoughts or expression of the song make interesting reading, I’ll share the words in another post.  When I’m stuck and or  reviewing the song the song vision helps me to keep it focused and moving in the direction I originally intended.

Writing A Song 1 – Inspiration

anju-ebanks-june-2010I think the starting point for writing a song varies hugely depending on your personal strengths and preferences. Musicians will probably come up with chords and melodies first, while lyricists will come up with words first.

My personal approach swings between the two, sometimes I have a great chord structure and the melody sings itself,  sometimes I know what I want to sing about and the musical part takes a bit more time.  I can find inspiration from aswirls-2_21 drum beat or a bass line and sometimes I am inspired by someone tinkering on the electric guitar.

I’m currently writing a new song, in the next few weeks I’ll share my song writing  journey with you.

Album is released

Well it’s finally happened!  The Album is complete and ready for sale.  It’s been quite a journey, a very steep learning curve and it’s all good.  The Lord has called out gifts I didn’t realise I had or had been denying that I had.  He has shown me what fantastic family and friends I have and has provided for the project in every way. At the moment it’s available from this site.  I’ll update you when it is available in other places.  I’m working on all that now!  I hope you like it. 


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