Conference with The Christian Healing Mission


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I worked with an amazing band for this conference. I had prepped for the conference weeks in advance and had sent out intial set lists along with my thoughts about arrangements etc. By doing this I gave the band lots of time to listen to their parts and do their own preparation, which they did.

Once I had chord charts I sent them out too. We only had one rehearsal, we had twenty songs to run, so it could have been quite a pressured time.

The band had all done their homework, they had listened to the songs and taken note of the things I had communicated to them. They were aware of their parts even with songs that they had never played and because of their professionalism the rehearsal was very productive. There were no points at which we had to stop to work out parts etc we generally top and tailed the songs and worked on links.

Finally, I had made sure that I had a set of chord charts for every song for the rehearsal, this makes everyones life easier, as everyone can make notes on their copies and we all have a general structure for each song.

The conference was a complete success, everybody loved the band.

    1. Prepare well in advance (you can modify set lists as you go)
    2. Decide on keys
    3. List reference songs for the band to listen to
    4. Make notes next to each song on the list
    3. Have final set lists and charts for every member of the band for the rehearsal