Using a secular song during a time of worship

I led worship for the Christian Healing Mission this weekend. We had wonderful times of worship the presence of God was evident amongst us as we lifted our hearts to Him and sang our songs to Him. We had times of energy and times of intimacy. God cannot help but turn up when we sing to Him.

I love the Mission. It’s a fantastic place, everytime I go there I am immersed in the presence and love of God and I’m always encouraged and loved by the wonderful team there.

John Ryeland and I have been talking about how to make worship more accessible to those who aren’t used to christian jargon. Also John wanted me to minister in song in order to give those present time and space to interact with the Lord within the worship times.

I’ve been listening to some country songs of late so I thought it would be great to find a secular song that I could use, the question that was knocking around in my mind was ‘will God use the song?’ After much debate I settled for a song called songbird, it was written by Fleetwood Mac and sung by Eva Cassidy. I had decided to hold an experiment and see if we felt there was more power and anointing on a particular song.

In the first set I sang a Songbird, I sang it at the end of the worship time, I chose to do it there because I want to keep the flow once we are flowing, I find it so frustrating when I’m in God’s presence singing away to Him and then the worship leader starts a song that I don’t know, it takes me out of God’s presence and back in front of a screen reading words. In the second set I sang a Jesus Is Lord.

What I wanted to find out was did the Holy Spirit use both the songs. Is God in this thing of using a secular song to minister to people. The answer is yes, the feedback that I got was very positive and the sense of the presence of God in the room was evident. I found that people had a connection with songbird and that the Lord used it beautifully, which is just amazing.