Love My Life

Wow what a week it has been.  I had the privilege of leading worship for The National Christian Healing Fellowship’s annual conference up in Derbyshire.  I have never been to a conference like this one.  All the ministries that were present got to share what they do, what their needs were as a centre and personally and then everyone else prayed and prophesied  over them.  The worship times were very special you could feel the presence of God in the meetings and there were times of healing, renewal and prophecy as we encountered the Holy Spirit.  I was blown away by the love and kindness of the delegates.  They prayed and imparted to the whole team at ILSSM. Then on Thursday at ILSSM as we gathered to worship  we encountered open heavens and we believe that we saw a shift in ours, the schools and London’s atmospheres amongst other things!  I was so blown away I’m not really sure how I managed to articulate anything else that  day (some might say I didn’t) ha ha.  Love my life.

Come and Encounter the Living God

Finding The Jesus You Always Longed To Meet

Emmanuel Baptist Church, Gravesend, Kent

24th March 2012, 10am to 4pm

With Rev John Ryeland and team

Worship led by Anju Ebanks

Tickets £5

So many people want to experience more of God’s astounding love, and the presence of Jesus, but they find it so hard. Come along to this amazing day as we seek to experience the wonder of his love, and discover the touch of Jesus upon our lives.

CHM Conference with Jen Rees Larcombe

Leading worship at The Christian Healing Mission’s conference on Saturday was amazing. The glory of God as Jen Rees Larcombe puts it came twice during the times of worship. We were all caught up in the presence of our loving God who came to heal and set us free. Jennifer’s teaching was honest and accessible and the testimonies were powerful. I’m still getting revelation and more freedom a couple of days on. I’m sure you can get the talks from The Christian Healing Mission.


Last week I led worship in a lovely church in Battersea.  The congregation were lovely and there was a real sense of community.  I was leading worship and John Ryeland was speaking so the emphasis was healing, healing and more healing. 

As I led worship, you could feel, hear and sense the power with which the Holy Spirit was ministering to members of the congregation.  It is such a privilege to be involved with worship in this way.

John spoke really well, he is very funny and has a wonderful ability to win over his listeners, in fact I think he has us all eating out of his hand very quickly.  John and I have been exploring prophetic singing, he says lets sing about this and I say ok (I really appreciate his direction).  Once John had taught us about healing he invited me to sing prophetically, the team moved around ministering to people. 

The congregation were clearly moved and many of them received healing from the Lord.  We listened to many testimonies about what the Lord had done.  One lady said that she had met so powerfully with the Lord that she knew she would never be the same again,  another lady said that she had felt full of fear but no longer felt fearful and that the Lord had calmed her fears and another lady said that she felt the Lord had healed a long term condition that she had been suffering from.

In the words of my pastors woo hoo!

Conference with The Christian Healing Mission


Chm21 -1Chm21 -2

I worked with an amazing band for this conference. I had prepped for the conference weeks in advance and had sent out intial set lists along with my thoughts about arrangements etc. By doing this I gave the band lots of time to listen to their parts and do their own preparation, which they did.

Once I had chord charts I sent them out too. We only had one rehearsal, we had twenty songs to run, so it could have been quite a pressured time.

The band had all done their homework, they had listened to the songs and taken note of the things I had communicated to them. They were aware of their parts even with songs that they had never played and because of their professionalism the rehearsal was very productive. There were no points at which we had to stop to work out parts etc we generally top and tailed the songs and worked on links.

Finally, I had made sure that I had a set of chord charts for every song for the rehearsal, this makes everyones life easier, as everyone can make notes on their copies and we all have a general structure for each song.

The conference was a complete success, everybody loved the band.

    1. Prepare well in advance (you can modify set lists as you go)
    2. Decide on keys
    3. List reference songs for the band to listen to
    4. Make notes next to each song on the list
    3. Have final set lists and charts for every member of the band for the rehearsal