Recording the album – day 2

On day two Rob and I arrived at the studio for 9 am, Rob now had his producer hat on, he has an amazing ear for musical detail.  Rob heard errors in the recording that nobody else could. 

I had arranged for Tim (Keys) to come in and lay his tracks, Steve was due in after Tim and Amy Jane (viola) was popping in to lay her tracks while Steve was taking a break. 

Tim had been at the first rehearsal and was confident that he could lay his parts in a couple of hours, but because the songs had evolved so much since the first rehearsal it took much longer than anticipated.  If time and money are driving factors make sure your musicians are at all, or as many rehearsals as possible.  Another option would be to get someone to fill in for them and then bring them up to speed.

On day two we began to fall behind but by the end of the day all the keys, electric and viola parts were down and we were back on track.  Everybody was working really hard. 

steve-at-the-controlsSteve at one point recorded himself, which I thought was amazing.  He was in the control room with the rest of us playing the guitar while the amp was in the live room (this is a standard set up in recording studios).  steve-in-the-control-roomIt must have been quite pressurising for him with us all watching him, he’s a cool cucumber.

When Amy Jane popped in we listened to the scratch tracks that we had come up with at  our one on one meeting, Then she recorded her parts.  She normally plays in concert halls with lots of other musicians so the recording process felt a bit alien to her, she adapted well.  

It was really important to reassure all the musicians as they recorded and gave of themselves, because its such a nerve racking thing to do, the whole process can leave you feeling really insecure.  We ended day two with Steve coming up with some inspired stuff on the electric.