All Is Well Again!


Testimonies from Worship times this week.

Depression has shifted I was having a wobble but I feel restored.

I haven’t been able to physically stand that long in worship (1 1/2 hrs) for a very long time.

Everything was crowding in around me but now I’ve encountered Jesus all is well again.


Showers and Sunshine During Worship

The London School of Supernatural Ministry

In the last few weeks we have had rain showers outside our building during the worship times. This week every time we sang ‘Holy Spirit you are welcome here’ the sun shone into the room as if it was a planned light show! It’s very exciting to think that God is using rain and sunshine as signs to us during these times.

Love My Life

Wow what a week it has been.  I had the privilege of leading worship for The National Christian Healing Fellowship’s annual conference up in Derbyshire.  I have never been to a conference like this one.  All the ministries that were present got to share what they do, what their needs were as a centre and personally and then everyone else prayed and prophesied  over them.  The worship times were very special you could feel the presence of God in the meetings and there were times of healing, renewal and prophecy as we encountered the Holy Spirit.  I was blown away by the love and kindness of the delegates.  They prayed and imparted to the whole team at ILSSM. Then on Thursday at ILSSM as we gathered to worship  we encountered open heavens and we believe that we saw a shift in ours, the schools and London’s atmospheres amongst other things!  I was so blown away I’m not really sure how I managed to articulate anything else that  day (some might say I didn’t) ha ha.  Love my life.

Wild Times at Supernatural School

The London School of Supernatural Ministry Westminster

We had the best time of worship on Thursday at school.  The presence of God was thick and I asked those present to get into the centre of the room if they wanted more fire from God.  They all got into the middle of the room!  So we formed a fire tunnel and everyone got more fire from God as well as healing, encouragement and coals.  Can’t wait to worship with these guys again next week as we go deeper into the ‘more of God’.