Art Sozo London

What is Art Sozo?

It is a way to connect to the heart of God through paint while using Sozo inner healing tools. The workshop takes place in a group setting and is carefully woven together to create a safe environment that is filled with intimacy; where God can move powerfully and touch your heart, releasing creativity and bringing lasting healing.  During the workshop we paint 3 canvas’ as we journey into the heart of God.

‘This is a wonderful way to engage with God without words and it is really releasing. Personally the Art Sozo process has given me tools to process my inner world in a healthy life giving way and I encourage everyone who attends the workshop to take the tools away with them and use them to process with God.’ Anju Christina

Art Sozo is for everyone and is not dependent upon artistic skill or prior art training.  I started painting when I had my first Art Sozo.  The emphasis in on the process and encounter with God not on producing a great piece of art, although you will treasure your creations because of the healing and hope that was released as you encountered God.

The workshop is led by me (Anju). I am: a Bethel Ministry School graduate, trained by Gail Spooner the founder of Art Sozo at Bethel Church, Bethel UK approved, an experienced freedom minister including Bethel Sozo and worship leader .

Fee of £60, includes £15 for art supplies.