I Will Not Fear – Song story

Lyrics – I Will Not Fear

This one is about being an overcomer.Fear cripples it stops us dead in our tracks.  Fear affects so many of us at different times for different reasons.

I wanted to write a song that would give me the courage to keep on keeping on.  This song gave me strength even when I was recording the album.  When things got tough I sang the bridge of the song.  I looked up at one point and saw something similar to the photo below.  I took this as an encouragement from the Lord.

Take Courage

Take Courage

The song starts by acknowledging that I do struggle with fear and I want to overcome the fear I’m facing with God’s help.  I’m saying that I will fix my eyes on God, that I will run to Him because I know that He is faithful and that I can depend on Him.

The Chorus is a simple statement of faith in God. In Verse 2 I dig deep into my relationship with The Father and remind myself how many scrapes and challenges I’ve faced and how many times he’s been there for me (ALWAYS).  Therefore I can trust Him in this current fearful situation.  I love the end of the song it’s almost word for word Psalm 27 ‘My confidence is in the Lord whom shall I fear? My confidence is in the Lord I will not be afraid’.

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