“Wherever You Lead Me” has become a firm favourite for me.  Musically, the arrangements and backing compliment Anju’s beautiful voice.  Each song emerges with a freshness in both its melody and its theme.

What I find most powerful is that the songs seem to have what I would describe as a ‘prophetic’ quality to them, in that they make the message alive as it is heard.  When she sings “I will not fear”, it comes over, not just as a statement of defiance, but it has the effect of lifting what fear there may be inside.  It is that gift that Anju has that allows this album to be a genuine stream of God’s healing to us.

The final song – more of an anthem – “We give you all the glory” will leave you in an attitude of worship and awe long after the final chords have faded away.

It is a privilege to highly commend this album.

John Ryeland, The Director of The Christian Healing Mission


This album is great. It speaks of Gods love and goodness and brings you closer to Him. Its great to put on while you’re having a quiet time or also when praying (or indeed any time!). Myself and a friend actually prayed through the whole album!!

The last track is about worshipping God for who He is and giving Him all the glory and honour and praise and really allows you to press in. Listening to the album has really blessed me, I highly recommend it!!

Chloe D, London


Anju has spent several years involved in leading worship as part of Ichthus and currently HTB developing her skills as a singer/songwriter, culminating in this, her debut collection of songs. Each song is firmly rooted in Scripture, and the intention is clearly that these are songs to be used in worship – Anju helpfully provides chord charts and lyrics for each song on her website.

Thematically the songs include praise, the Christian’s dependence on God, waiting upon him to lead us and spiritual healing for the broken. Musically there are obvious comparisons with some Vineyard and Hillsong material, in particular in the way the electric guitars are used, as well as Matt Redman.

Anju’s vocal sound is confident and strong, sailing powerfully above the music in the upbeat moments, but it sounds to me as if she needs to work a little at retaining control when singing softly.

The real highlight for me is the last track, “We Give You All The Glory”, which begins quietly and reflectively but ascends to become a real anthem of praise. Other songs worth mentioning are “I Will Not Fear”, a song of confidence in the Lord with slight ’80s pop overtones.

Matthew Cordle, Cross Rhythms Magazine

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