Wait For The Lord – Song Story

Lyrics – Wait For The Lord

Psalm 27 verse 14, Psalm 38 verse 15

I started to write the song back in 2005.  The inspiration behind the song came from a situation that I found myself in.  I was blamed for something when in fact I was a victim and as a result I was left feeling alienated, frustrated and isolated.  Everything in me wanted to  run away but I felt that the Lord wanted me to see it through, that he had a higher purpose in the circumstance.  So even though it hurt I hung on in there and the Lord resolved the situation and vindicated me.

One day I was out teaching the words ‘Wait for the Lord be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord’ (NSAB) went whizzing by on someone’s computer screen.  It was their screen saver.  That day I drew strength from those words.  I went home and penned the song. It kept me going for the year we (the whole family) were in that particular circumstance.  Now I use it to build my faith whenever doubt and unbelief are trying to push me down.

The verses encourage the listener to wait for God to move, He will, He can, move mountains.  So be brave and hang on in there, it will be ok. God Almighty upholds His people so, stand your ground, hold onto your faith, He’s going to come.  He’ll rescue you, He will help you, He will deliver you and, He will answer you.

The chorus is prophetic ‘you will dance you will sing’ when you see His response to your situation. He’ll turn your bad into good. He’ll make a change and you will be overjoyed.

We have tough times but God sees us through.

Psalm 27 verse 14

Wait for the Lord be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.

Psalm 38 verse 15

For I hope in You oh Lord; You will answer, O Lord my God



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