Wherever You Lead Me – Song Story

Lyrics – Wherever You Lead Me

This song came together quite quickly. It is a re-write of a song I wrote a while back. The theme of the song back then was to give my whole life to the Lord, to be consumed by Him. The song evolved into this one.

The heart of the song is chasing after His heart which is for the marginalised, the broken and the disadvantaged in our world. His heart is for us to go and serve wherever He is sending us. My heart cry is to be used by Him.

I’ve met so many believers who aren’t fulfilling the call on their lives. They are frustrated, I’ve been there I know how it feels. This song addresses that too. I’ve waited around for approval, for people to give me a helping hand. What I’ve realised is that you just have to go with what the Lord has put on your heart. I’ve had so many doors open up for me but they only opened once I jumped head first into what He was directing me to do. Obedience is an interesting word. I thought I was being obedient waiting around for human help.

So run with what God has put on your heart. If that’s not possible in your current circumstances pray, fast, seek God. What is He saying?  Ask Him how He will move so that you are able to do what he wants you to do. Our God is not a mean God. He doesn’t call us and then leave us helpless when we respond to the call. He is the One who makes it happen. Go for it!

Think about where you could volunteer

  • Charities you could connect with
  • Missions that are taking place

List your natural abilities. Give them to the Lord and ask Him to give you opportunities to use them.

What are your natural abilities? Some of mine are music, shopping and parenting. Music is obvious. I can use my parenting experience as and when people ask for my advice. Listening to a mum who’s at the end of herself is priceless. Shopping may sound crazy but actually I love taking people to my favourite shopping mall (I won’t tell you which one) I have taken quite a few people shopping it’s great you walk you talk you shop.

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